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SFP Holdings Co., Ltd.

Message from the Leadership

SFP Holdings Co., Ltd.

Chief Executive Officer

Makoto Sato

On December 16, 2014 our company was listed on the second section of Tokyo Stock Exchange. I would like to express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart to everyone who supported us to this day.

We hold a vision "to become a group of specialty 'food' restaurants that nourishes Japan."
The specialty restaurants we envision not only provide specialty food, but each staff in our restaurants prides in our food and service, and engages in providing joy and emotion for our guests. An authentic specialty restaurant is created by opening each restaurant diligently and carefully producing each store.

Since our establishment in 1984, we have expanded our network of specialty chicken wing kara-age restaurant "Toriyoshi." Afterwards, we embarked on an active development of new concepts, and in 2009 our seafood izakaya brand "Isomaru-suisan" was born. At "Isomaru-suisan," which have evolved into our company's powerhouse brand, you can savor the natural taste of the ingredients as well as the joy of food by grilling fresh seafood on a tabletop stove.

Currently we own 10 concepts with "Toriyoshi" and "Isomaru-suisan" as our core brands. We primarily operate ours stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area and the Kansai West Japan region, and continue to steadily expand our network of stores. Going forward, we will respond to the hopes and trusts of every stakeholder by continuously opening new "Isomaru-suisan" stores while at the same time proceeding to develop new brands.

Business Overview

  • Toriyoshi
  • Isomaru-suisan
Our Brands

Our founding brand "Toriyoshi" was launched with the aim to spread the Nagoya specialty "chicken wing kara-age" to Tokyo as well as to become Japan’s number one chicken specialty restaurant. We offer a variety of menu such as our signature dish "chicken wing kara-age" whose secret sauce recipe we have stubbornly kept hidden, "doteyaki" which is notable for the rich taste of miso, our patented "daiginjo silk tofu" which is hand-crafted daily at our restaurants, and other chicken dishes you can enjoy owing to us being a chicken specialty brand. In addition, each of our restaurants boast one of a kind interior ranging from an authentic Japanese sukiya-architecture (built in the style of a tea ceremony house) and old Japanese style house and a modern style interior using bricks and patterns.

"Isomaru-suisan" which comprises the core of our company along with "Toriyoshi" is famous for its "Isomaru shore grill" where we dynamically grill seafood such as turban shells and scallops taken right out of our tanks on a stove at their seat in front of our customers. This restaurant is basically 24-hour open and aside from seafood dishes we also offer many reasonably priced foods that goes perfectly with alcoholic beverages. The interior conjures up a feeling of being in a beach house, bustling and lively. We also operate branches that serve fried skewers so our customers could utilize us according to their needs

Furthermore, there is "Kizuna Sushi" offering a reasonably priced sushi with a variety of toppings operating 24 hours every day throughout the year, "CASA DEL GUAPO" a Spanish bar, "Teppan 200℃" where we grill seafood, meat, and vegetables on a large hot plate, "Nama-soba Tamagawa" that serves tasty, cheap, and fast soba noodle. As such, we would like to create brands that match the tide of the era.

Company Overview

Company Name SFP Holdings Co., Ltd.
Representative Makoto Sato
Head Office 2-21-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Year of Establishment 1984
Capital Stock 500 million yen
Board Members Chief Executive Officer: Makoto Sato
Executive Director: Tetsuya Nozaki
Managing Director: Satoshi Sakamoto
Director: Motokatsu Morozumi
Director(Supervisor): Kazuhiro Ando
Director(Supervisor):Tatsuro Ikeda
Director(Supervisor): Hirofumi Morimoto
Shareholder creat restaurants holdings inc.(66.6%)・others
Fiscal Year February
Number of Outlets 212(February 2017)
History April 1984: Opens its first store "Toriyoshi Kissho Honten"
October 2002: First opening of location in West Japan
September 2009: Opens Isomaru-suisan store No.1
April 2013: Enters into capital partnership with create restaurants holdings inc.
December 2013: "Isomaru-suisan" opens its 50th location
December 2014:Become listed on the Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
June 2017: Change of trade name to "SFP Holdings Co., Ltd."
Contact 81-3-5491-5201
URL https://www.sfpdining.jp/

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Music Appreciation, motorcycle touring during weekends
Q.Future Goal
Run through the Tokyo Marathon at the age of 60
Q.Favorite Food
I never tire of eating "chicken wing kara-age" even after 30 years
Q.Favorite Quote
"Where there is a will, there is a way."
It was a favorite motto of my father’s. I remember being repeatedly taught from him since little that "If you continue to hold a strong will, it will always be achieved." I believe that the fact that I was able to achieve my goal of never having a sick day from elementary school through high school was due to my father’s teachings.