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Message from the Leadership


Chief Executive Officer

Kazunori Komiya

When I opened my first store at Sendagi, Tokyo, I changed the taste of my ramen every single day, because I wanted to serve my customers with something truly delicious. On days when I wasn’t convinced of the taste, I did not charge my customers despite serving them the ramen. It is a result of this trial and error and incessant attempts to create ramen that long queues started to form and many media outlets started to cover our store.

"Would you like to open an outlet in a commercial facility in Shinagawa?"

One day when I received an offer from "Seven noodle specialist Shinatatsu" where renowned ramen shops gather from all over Japan, that was when I felt as if I were being released from a curse. I realized that I was tearing up in the kitchen. It was the moment when I felt the taste of Tsukemen TETSU was acknowledged. Since then, the numbers of both our brands and outlets have increased, but our strength is, above all, being able to change perpetually. And it is not only about taste. We are continually growing to this day by aiming to be "even better" in every task pertaining to our store, such as customer service and cleaning.

"I want to expand our presence so that ‘Tsukemen TETSU’ will be in every city in the world."

This is my dream and I seriously aim for us to become the world's number one ramen shop.

When we joined the create restaurants group in the spring of 2014, we came one step closer to realizing our dream. If we are able to expand our store presence with the support of our group, I will be able to work in my shops more often and thus be able to convey my passion as founder directly to our colleagues on site. Because I want the people around me to always feel excited, I want to carve out as much time as possible to spend with my colleagues on site and feel the excitement together.

Together with my many colleagues, we will continue to grow with an eye on the world.

Business Overview

  • Tsukemen TETSU
    Tsukemen TETSU
  • Kimihan Edomae -niboshi Chinese ramen
    Kimihan Edomae -niboshi Chinese ramen
Our Brands

Ever since opening our shop No.1 of "Tsukemen TETSU" in Sendagi, Tokyo, I prepare my ramen strenuously every single day so that it becomes "more delicious even by the slightest difference!"Our originally handcrafted noodle made from "special TETSU flour" and the creamy, deep-flavored soup which was created as a result of incessant research and trial and error are still continually developing to this day.

In the process of perfecting our taste, we are also challenging to develop new brands. "Tsukemen 102" is our second brand exclusive to Saitama prefecture, and we offer different soups for day and night.
A Chinese-noodle specialty store "Edo-mae Niboshi Chinese Ramen" which boasts carefully concocted soup of Japanese anchovy, kelp, and bonito flakes added to a chicken based broth, as well as "Tsukemen TETSU of Chicken and Seafood Broth" whose soup is concocted from chicken and fish bone broth such as that of flounders is both a one-of-a-kind gem.
Our brand is diverse such as seen in "Kinshari-ya"where you can casually enjoy authentic Chinese food with a focus on fried rice and hot & sour soup, and "Rich Hakata Tonkotsu TAKAKURA"a store which serves straightforward Hakata pork bone broth ramen.

Going forward, in order to provide our customers with something more delicious than today, we will continue to evolve through trial and error while at the same time challenging to develop new brands.

Company Overview

Company Name YUNARI Co., Ltd
Representative Kazunori Komiya
Head Office 5-10-18 Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Year of Establishment 2005
Capital Stock 3 million yen
Board Members Chief Executive Officer: Kazunori Komiya
Director: Haruhiko Okamoto
Director: Katsuji Ishii
Auditor: Toshio Kajitani
Shareholder create restaurants holdings inc. 100%
Fiscal Year February
Number of Outlets 33(May 2017)
History August 2005: Opens its first store "Tsukemen TETSU Sendagi Honten"
December 2007: Opens its second store "Tsukemen TETSU Shinagawa"
June 2008: Opens "Tsukemen 102"in Omiya
April 2011: Opens "Edo-mae Niboshi Noodle Kimihan" in Gotanda
March 2012: Opens "Kinshari-ya" in Akasaka
April 2013: Opens "TETSU of Ebidashi" in Okachimachi
April 2014: Enters into capital partnership with create restaurants holdings inc.
November 2015: Opens its first store in overseas "Tsukemen TETSU" in Hong Kong
Contact 81-3-6853-8102

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Eat around!(including food besides ramen)
Q.Future Goal
Develop "Tsukemen TETSU" into an ubiquitous brand in the world!
Q.Favorite Food
Without a doubt, ramen!
Q.Favorite Quote
More like what I keep in mind than a favorite quote→"Make people around me feel excited!"