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create restaurants hong kong Ltd

Message from the Leadership

create restaurants hong kong Ltd

Managing Director

Lawrence Ng

Hong Kong is known as the "gourmet city." Here, we can casually eat delicious food from all over the world. In Hong Kong there are a variety of restaurants ranging from casual style Cha chaan teng to restaurants listed on the Michelin guidebook, and there are many famous brands brought from overseas. Therefore, we operate our restaurants in a very competetive environment.

Owing to the hardwork of our staffs, we now operate a maccha-themed cafe called " Maccha House" and a shabu shabu brand "Shabusai." Behind the scenes are the support with brand and menu development from a reliable head office in Japan as well as highly skilled local staffs who don't spare any effort, and we can say that these are our strengths. By virtue of the diligence of these people, our brands's name value has gradually increased and both of our 2 brands that we currently operate are regarded highly, and enabled us to build favorable relationships with many major developers. Going forward, we will cultivate more business opportunities and continue to operate our existing brands through the trust we have accumulated while at the same time actively rolling out new brands.
We put particular emphasis on "quality" and aim to become a food service company with rich diversity.

Aside from focusing on brand development, it is also important to focus on staff recruitment. An excellence in brand notwithstanding, an excellence in talent is required to provide outstanding food and service. Hence, in the restaurant industry, the biggest asset is people. In order to attract good talent, it does not suffice to just pay a high salary, but we must also establish a sound employment system, build a safe, secure, and stable working environment, and increase the company's name value through brand development. In short, the most effective strategy is to nurture a company where everybody would want to work at. Hereafter, we will continue to put weight on talent development, and I look forward for everyone to find their own career paths by grasping their chances at promotion along with the company's expansion.

Business Overview

Our Brands

We operate a total of 7 units of "MACCHA HOUSE" in residential areas of "Diamond Hill" and "Po Lam," famous downtown districts visited by many tourists "Mong Kok" and "Causeway Bay," a hybrid area for working and living "Tai Koo," and a region where many families with small children reside "Sha Tin", etc. We also operate 2 unit of shabu shabu brand "SHABU SAI."

"Maccha House" is a brand where you can enjoy food and sweets while drinking tea called maccha which originated in China and has since been refined in Japan. Maccha-themed cafe is still uncommon in Hong Kong so it is widely enjoyed by Hong Kong people who are fond of Japan and Japanese food. The difference between the same brand in Japan and that of Hong Kong is the variation in food selection in the latter. In Hong Kong where it is important to enjoy variety of things at one place, we strive to meet their expectation by offering more selections in our menu compared to Japan.

At "Shabu Sai" too, we have expanded our customers’ range of choices by consistently offering 6 regular flavors of soup base in addition to 1 monthly-changing flavor and also setting up a system where you can choose different sauce and spices at your liking. In effect, it is essential to offer a certain variety of options and a range of choices regardless of brand types.

All in all, the key to all of this is to "exclusively select that which is plausible in Hong Kong out of what is regarded as delicious by Japanese people living in Japan." It is not about adjusting to make it work; rather, it is about selecting what works. Since people in Hong Kong reads Japanese magazines and are quick to catch trends in Japan, I communicate scrupulously with our head office in Japan to keep an eye out for what is trendy there.

Company Overview

Company Name create restaurants hong kong Ltd
Representative Lawrence Ng
Head Office Office B, 22nd Floor, Guangdong Investment Tower,148 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong.
Year of Establishment 2012
Capital Stock 20 million HKD
Board Members Managing Director: Lawrence Ng
Director: Takakazu Tanaka
Director: Jun Kawai
Shareholder creat restaurants holdings inc. 100%
Fiscal Year February
Number of Outlets 7 (February 2018)
History July 2012: Establishment of "create restaurants hong kong Ltd"
November 2012: Opens its 1st store "Maccha House"
Contact 852-3900-0691

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Q.Future Goal
Spend an ordinary life every day with the dearest person.
Q.Favorite Food
Sushi, soba, ramen ・・・all Japanese food
Q.Favorite Quote
(We can never please everyone, but be honest to your heart)