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Create Restaurants Taiwan Co., Ltd.

Message from the Leadership

Create Restaurants Taiwan Co., Ltd.

Managing Director

Tensei Shu

We aim to become the company which provides a variety of brands and the best service for Taiwanese people to understand more about Japanese food culture.

In 2014, a maccha specialty cafe, "MACCHA HOUSE" was our first outlet to be opened in Taiwan, offering a reputable variety of maccha desserts and Japanese food items.
Our "multi-brand/multi-location strategy" enables us to operate various brands across a variety of locations. "MACCHA HOUSE" was the first into this market, in an attempt to spread the appeal of Japanese food to the Taiwanese people. This allows us to proactively proceed with store development, improve sales and profit and contribute to the overall growth and development of our group.

Our staff are essential part to the growth of our company.
I wish for them to provide, from the bottom of their hearts, the best customer service, have loyalty to our company, keep having ambition and to be a self-developed person.
Perhaps because of our short history, we have a wide range of opportunities and unlimited possibilities for our company's future.
I would like to make our company one where each of our staff towards their long terms goals, learning and challenging themselves, and each other, so they can achieve their goals and dreams.

Business Overview

Our Brands

In Taiwan, commercial areas are clustered into several particular areas because land and urban space is limited. Therefore, it may not be ideal for companies that want to operate numerous chain restaurants. However, this type of terrain is very well suited to our "multi-brand, multi-location strategy."We believe we can expect a synergy among individual brands because we are able to concentrate different brands in one area.

Currenltly, we operate a cafe "MACCHA HOUSE" in Taipei City which utilizes traditional Japanese taste of "maccha." Aside from sweets, we also offer a selection of food such as ramen and udon. We highlight our Japanese essence through small items and presentation and it is well received by Taiwanese people who are fond of Japanese culture.
Going forward, we will expand our units by also keeping in sight opening units of new brands.

Company Overview

Company Name Create Restaurants Taiwan Co., Ltd.
Representative Tensei Shu
Head Office No. 38, Lane 187, 1F, Section 1 Dunhua South Road, Da'an District, Taipei City, Republic of China
Year of Establishment 2014
Capital Stock 60 million TWD
Board Members Managing Director: Tensei Shu
Director: Takakazu Tanaka
Director: Jun Kawai
Supervisor: Yuji Kimura
Shareholder creat restaurants holdings inc. 100%
Fiscal Year December
Number of Outlets 3(February 2016)
History October 2014: Establishment of "create restaurants Taiwan Ltd"
March 2015: Opens its 1st store "Maccha House"
Contact 886-2-2778-1133

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