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Our Growth Strategy

Ever since our establishment in 1999, we have achieved growth through our multi-brand, multi-location strategy, wherein we develop and operate a diverse brand portfolio that are tailored to the characteristic of different locations. This strategy has allowed us to accumulate know-how that cannot be acquired through a single-brand operation.
Today, the flexibility to adapt to change and a high level of specialty are essential.
Recognizing this, we aim to grow as a group based on Group Federation Management to further increase our competitiveness.

We, the create restaurants group envisions to achieve net sales of 200 billion yen in the middle and long run..
In the process, we are determined to enhance our specialty and diversity by adding the strengths of new members to our group.
The kind of synergy that only the create restaurants group can achieve. This will become our strength, unmatched by any other company. Harnessing this strength, we aspire to become a one of a kind corporate group that continually creates added value.

About Our Growth Strategy

Growth of our domestic group companies

Our group companies aim to achieve sustainable growth through their areas of strength, applying their uniqueness and specialty and actively opening new outlets.

create restaurant

create restaurants inc. operates a variety of brands primarily inside commercial facilities.

Through the multi-brand, multi-location strategy which dates back to its founding, create restaurants inc. aims to grow by developing a range of new brands that anticipate trends and by proposing plans to developers for new outlets that take advantage of the opportunities created by the new construction of commercial facilities or by the change in tenants associated with renewals.

SFP Holdings

SFP Holdings Co., Ltd operates specialty izakaya brands that offer, among other dishes, poultry and freshly grilled seafood in bustling downtown areas and as stand-alone stores.

With an operating philosophy of an "unceasing pursuit of 'our uncompromising passion" that sees beyond prevailing trends," the pace of growth of Isomaru-Suisan, a 24-hour seafood izakaya is especially notable within the industry. Going forward, it plans to expand its operation nationwide while at the same time attaining growth based on its strength in developing its signature stand-alone stores.


Lemonde Des Gourmet Co. Ltd operates Italian restaurants and cafes.

Its major brand TANTO TANTO is a well established restaurant that has been popular for more than 20 years in Shibuya, and the company plans to grow by consistently opening new stores while at the same time focusing on developing new brands by applying its strength in customer-service nurtured through many years of experience.

eat walk

Eat Walk Co., Ltd operates restaurants that communicate the worldview of owner-chef Akira Watanabe as well as the value of vegetables.

It plans to achieve growth by polishing up existent brands such as "AWKitchen," an Italian restaurant which utilizes plenty of vegetables that takes advantage of Akira Watanabe's passion, also known as the "missionary of vegetables," in select vegetables and cooking, as well as "Yasai-ya Mei" which serves select vegetables that are delivered every day from contract farmers nationwide, while at the same time focusing on developing new brands and planning for overseas expansion.


YUNARI Co.LTD operates brands such as Tsuke-men TETSU,

It plans to achieve growth internationally by developing its ramen brands through the brand strength of Tsuke-men TETSU, and as a evangelist of the tsukemen and ramen culture, it will introduce the TETSU brand to the world.

Gourmet Brands Company inc.

Gourmet Brands Company inc. operates mainly bakery and sweets brands.

It plans to grow the whole company as a team to create various brands, conduct effective promotions and customer service while technically and strategically developing a new "high-valued added commodity" with "originality" and "uniqueness."


KR HOLDINGS CORPORATION operates Japanese food restaurants including "Kagonoya" that can be utilized in various food occasions.

It upholds our vision to "deliver the best gochisó-sama (appreciation of the meal)" and cherishes the time-honored heart of "chisó (treating)" of Japan. In the meantime, it plans to grow with a motto of "sticking with the local" in order to develop each store that is beloved by customers for many years while increasing its store presence.

Create Dining inc.

Create Dining inc. operates a wide variety of brands specializing in fine dining restaurant business.

It plans to grow by emphasizing the specialty on the fine dining restaurant business and the strength that the 4 companies have, continuously aiming to develop our brands and expand our stores to flexibly respond to our customer needs.

Route 9g Inc.

Route 9g Inc. operates "Hainan Jeefan Shokudo"focusing on Singaporean food.

We would like to grow by developing "Hainan Jeefan Shokudo" business domestically and internationally, in order to widly and correctly convey sophisticated and complicated Asian food culture as represented by Singaporean national dish "Singaporean Chicken Rice".

Create Bayside Inc.

Create Bayside Inc. operates various kinds of restaurants and food court at the commercial complex IKSPIARI.

We aim to manage a variety of outlets to boost the mood of the entire facility and would like to grow by proactively developing new brands.

Consistent Execution of M&A

Since we believe incorporating a diverse culture will lead to the growth of the group, the create restaurants group consistently welcomes quality companies into our group as our partners. When we consider M&A opportunities, we value growth quality, profitability and brand strength, but above all, we believe what is most important is the passion of the head of the target company. We aspire to grow together by working hand-in-hand with our passionate fellow companies.

Promoting Global Expansion

The create restaurants group will actively expand into high-growth overseas market. By applying the multi-brand approach we have nurtured since our founding, we aim to introduce a diverse brand of Japanese food that is in sync with the locality, primarily within shopping centers in the regions of ASEAN, China and North America. We will contribute to regional society by creating restaurants that make our customers happy worldwide, with all members of the group taking on challenges without fear of failure and armed with a frontier mindset.