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Our Growth Strategy

About Our Growth Strategy

Initiatives to tackle coronavirus

In the past, create restaurants group experienced healthy growth by adding new companies through the Group Federation Management strategy. However, due to the coronavirus, the entire restaurant industry is in a challenging situation, and our company is not an exception.
Under this circumstance, we will strive to improve the quality of the business portfolio by focusing on “improving the fundamental profitability” for the near future. This involves modifying the operating model to fit the new lifestyle and also actively change brands and close stores. Also, we will reduce costs and create a new business model to transform the entire group into a more profitable structure. In addition, we will pursue group reorganization to demonstrate synergies and create a new business structure to flourish in the post-pandemic era.
Through such initiatives, each of the business units will advance further by strengthening their expertise and uniqueness, and most importantly, by leveraging the “ability to change.” We are confident that we can overcome this difficult time by working together.

Strategy post-pandemic

After the period of “improving the fundamental profitability,” we see various growth opportunities. First, we will begin opening restaurants in a location with a brand that suites the post-pandemic era. We imagine our stores will increasingly focus on being rooted in the local community and emphasize usage within the everyday scene. We will also adapt to the shift in customers’ mindset about dining out, work environment, etc.
We will also consider becoming an active player in the M&A market in the post-pandemic ear. In the past, by incorporating various cultures through M&A, our Group Federation Management delivered results. We believe bringing in a new partner with unique characteristics that we currently don’t possess will enable further growth.
We also think global expansion is a vital strategy to reignite growth. In the past, we expanded in Asia and North America by operating restaurants that are loved by the locals. To achieve growth in the post-pandemic era, we will strive to open new stores and utilize M&A to create stores that can bring happiness to customers around the world.