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In Collaboration with the Locality

From the locality to our customers

The ingredients that are being consumed by our customers every day in many different forms.For our customers to consume our food with a peace of mind and safety, we, the create restaurants group, strive to procure safe and good quality ingredients by pursuing food safety of the ingredients we use in our restaurants and realizing direct transaction by building trusting relationships with our food producers.

Our Farmer's Fresh Vegetables Grown with Particular Care!

Our group procures fresh vegetables via shipping organizations from localities such as Hamamatsu city in Shizuoka prefecture and Sendai city in Miyagi prefecture as well as from individual farmers.
Our purchasing team travels to the locality to see how they are grown and check the crops and condition of production by stepping into the fields themselves and communicating with the producers.

Our mission is to deliver you the taste of the vegetables that is filled with the hearts & minds and passion of the farmers.

Natural-food buffet Harvest It serves plenty of good-for-your-body vegetable menus produced by cooking researcher Mari Kawai♪
Shabusai An all-you-can-eat meat and fresh vegetables!
Local production for local consumption!We use locally produced vegetables ♪

The vegetables that are directly procured are primarily utilized at restaurants of brands such as "Shabusai" and "Harvest."They offer a variety of vegetables in a buffet format.
Some of the restaurants may even serve vegetables for lunch that were just harvested in the morning of the same day...?!

Super Vegetables x Super Chef!

LG&EW 's chef Akira Watanabe procures fresh vegetables directly from the farmers with the theme of "become healthy & beautiful through vegetables." He is consequently known as the "missionary of the farm."

At LG&EW, they hold a "Farm's Day" during which, not only the executive chef, but also new staffs and hall staffs visit the farm every month. By establishing communication with the farmers, they are able to build trusting relationship and learn about appropriate conditioning of soil,
compost, growth process, the hardships of growing vegetables in addition to acquiring knowledge about the vegetables.

Let's Harvest Together !
Missionary of the farm! Akira Watanabe
Yasai-ya Mei They receive boast-worthy fresh vegetables from contract farmers every day♪
Famous dish of Yasai-ya Mei♪ Vegetable Shabu shabu

The CEO personally goes to the harbor and purchases them!

At SFP Holdings, they procure seafood through direct purchasing which they use primarily at seafood Izakaya "Isomaru-suisan" and "Kizuna-sushi."
There are occasions when the CEO Mr. Sato personally visits sites and makes purchases, thus there are many things that is noticed owing to the in-person site visits.
By directly interacting with the producers, they are able to intimately communicate preferred ingredients they want to use in their dishes and thus serve food with high degree of added value.

Excellent freshness ! "Grilled Seafood"
CEO Mr. Sato personally boards the fishing boat!
A fishtank is installed inside the restaurant. Under thorough maintenance, we boast high degree of freshness.

By achieving high level of freshness and affordable prices, we disseminate narratives of the locality and ingredients to our customers and have them taste seasonal flavors.
To this end, they travel all around Japan, broaden their range and actively strive towards direct procurement of seafood.

Buyers go directly to the production area !

While considering safety, security and stable supply, the Group has established its own purchasing standards such as production area and quality.
The fresh meat purchased as a block is kept fresh by doing the pretreatment and undertaking cooking under the store without processing at a factory.
With regard to some meat, purchasing personnel conduct business negotiations with local producers in Australia directly,
and we are steadily procuring carefully selected high-quality meat.

Carefully selected ! Kuroge Wagyu Beef Grilled Meet

In the grilled meat store, you can enjoy Kuroge Wagyu beef carefully selected
from all over the country, including Shibaura Market at low price.
Kuroge Wagyu beef features distinct meat quality with vivid red color and sashi.

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