Group Mission &
Management Philosophy

Group Mission

Unlimited excitement!
Welcome diversity
Collaborate to create
Surprise the world

Our Group Mission has been created with the idea of creating a surprising future together with colleagues with a variety of personalities.
As an individual and as a group company, we will take on the challenge of creating new value in cooking and services together by respecting other colleagues and other group companies while leveraging the rich individuality of each.
And beyond that, not only ourselves, but also all the people involved, such as our customers and local communities, are waiting for an exciting and surprising future of food.

Based on this Group Mission, we aim to contribute to a rich and varied dietary life as a corporate group growing sustainably.

Management Philosophy

  • We will grow around the world by continuously challenging and opening opportunities.
  • We will always challenge with speed and creativity.
  • We will create value through respectful and collaborative interaction among each unique business units.
  • As a leading company, we will innovate to create a new future for the restaurant industry.
  • We will contribute to society by providing colorful dining experiences for customers.