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Bringing You a New Restaurant Scene…

The create restaurants group operates with the basic principles of speed, creativity and challenge through individual group companies that develop compatible brands using a unique strategy to identify location characteristics and customer use. Our ultimate goal is to bring you an entirely new restaurant scene. 
The create restaurants group’s mission is to take part in creating new locations and lasting confidence through its accumulated wealth of experience and knowledge.
Going forward, we aim to expand our presence both domestically and abroad.

Group Vision

Our group comprises captivating companies, each possessing its own vision. Through synergy among group companies
as well as the accumulation of brand development and management know-how, constant multi-dimensional seeds of growth emerge. We are convinced that further interaction and sharing among our group will take place.
Going forward, we will continue our efforts to become a group of true professionals in the food service industry.

Growth Strategy

Ever since our establishment in 1999, we have achieved growth through our “multi-brand, multi-location” strategy, wherein we develop and operate a diverse brand portfolio that is tailored to the characteristics of different locations. This strategy has allowed us to accumulate know-how that cannot be acquired through a single-brand operation.
The current climate demands the flexibility to adapt to change and a high level of specialty. Recognizing this, we aim to grow as a group by promoting our Group Federation Management strategy, in order to further increase our competitiveness.
By promoting the growth of individual group companies through balancing the “centrifugal force” that respects the uniqueness and utilizes the strength of each individual company and the “centripetal force” of the entire group, our group aims to grow as a whole.

Business Overview

We plan, develop, and directly operate a variety of brands from casual food courts, izakaya bars, and dinner-time restaurants by tailoring each store to the location characteristics, purpose of use, and customer types at locations ranging from suburban shopping centers and urban commercial facilities, to stand-alone stores, downtown districts and roadside areas. In particular, our buffet style restaurants and bulk operation food court boast nationally recognized performance and quality.

Store Information

Introduces our major brands in Japan. You can also search overseas outlets operated by the create restaurants group.

Contact Us

create restaurants group aims to actively open new outlets, particularly in Asia. Please feel free to contact us if you have any property information.

For inquiries regarding opening new shops (Overseas Business Team)+81-3-5488-8007

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