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Message from the Leadership


Chief Executive Officer

Tatsuo Iinuma

To speak about our company, we must introduce TANTO TANTO located in the Tokyu Department Shibuya flagship store. Because this restaurant is our starting point.

In 1990, the Italian restaurant TANTO TANTO Tokyu Department Shibuya flagship store was opened. Ever since, it has been valued as a landmark Shibuya restaurant. Neither our regular customers dating back to our founding years nor our name value can be easily imitated.

Our strength is, by far, our customer service skills. The conversation we have with each and every customer, table service, and the individual dish….everything is first class. We put special care into developing our menu, and when renewing it, all of our staff including our part time workers taste the dish. I must also emphasize how much our staff cares about TANTO TANTO. We even have crew members who have been with us since our year of establishment.

For our restaurants supported by our regular customers, I consider the comments we receive every day from our customers, such as "It was delicious," "Thank you" and "We will come back" as vital for our operations going forward.
We plan to launch one or two restaurants each year, and hope to grow to twice our present size in the near future. Precisely because our company is still small, I want to steadily create a solid foundation. And going forward, I would like to strengthen our cooperation with our group companies, and through interaction between culture and people, we aspire to grow into a company with higher profitability.

Also, increasing the number of restaurants means more new stages for our staff and thus a broader range of challenges. They are required to think and act on their own, and create new traditions. I myself value individual autonomy in that I believe that the "nail that sticks out too much does not get hammered in."

I want everybody who is involved with "Lemonde Des Gourmet" to enjoy their work as well as their private life.

Business Overview

  • Monte Romano
    Monte Romano
Our Brands

Centered on the long established "TANTO TANTO" Tokyu Department Shibuya Flagship store that is loved for over 20 years, we tailor menus and store interiors based on location characteristics and operate Italian restaurants and cafes primarily inside department stores and shopping centers.
As indicated by our brand name "TANTO TANTO" which means "even more," I wish to welcome everyone into the liveliness of the market surroundings.

Originally, we were a business that emerged from an apparel company. We joined the create restaurants group in March 2012 with the growth of our restaurant business. Upon joining the group, we starting focusing on developing new brands while carefully maintaining our existing brand.
The Italian restaurant "MONTE ROMANO" which opened in March 2014 boasts pasta dishes utilizing the local vegetables uniquely grown in Kyoto and wildly grilled food.

Company Overview

Representative Tatsuo Iinuma
Head Office 5-10-18 Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Year of Establishment 1983
Capital Stock 9.9 Million yen
Board Members Chief Executive Officer: Tatsuo Iinuma
Director: Teruki Kodaira
Director: Akira Shimamura
Shareholder creat restaurants holdings inc. 100%
Fiscal Year February
Number of Outlets 12(February 2020)
History 1983: Year of Establishment
1990: Opening of "TANTO TANTO" Shibuya outlet
March 2012: Enter into capital partnership with create restaurants holdings inc.
Contact 81-3-5488-8018
URL http://tanto-tanto.com/en/

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