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Create Restaurants Taiwan Co., Ltd.

Message from the Leadership

Create Restaurants Taiwan Co., Ltd.

Managing Director

Shawn Kuo

In recent years, as information communication by social networks becomes stronger, the food service industry has entered a diverse global competition era.
With just a few taps with your finger you can get up-to-date information on restaurants around the world, recent trends, restaurant ratings and more in a few seconds.

In Taiwan where the area of the land is small, we introduce new brands from abroad every year and make original restaurants locally.
As a result, although the market as a whole has diversified, competition among peers in the same has become more intense.
Under such circumstances, we need to continue to create, to be more flexible, to evolve more rapidly, and sometimes to adjust.

"To eat" expresses the development of our civilization, there are no frames or rules, and it continues to evolve.
Our creating restaurant group's strengths include not only having more than 200 brands, but also continuing to develop new brands.
In addition, we can develop brands according to local characteristics and culture.

«Challenge ⇒ Reflect ⇒ Modify ⇒ Re-challenge» is the core spirit of the company.
In the food service industry, I do not think there is any business model that can succeed forever. I think that it is the only way of long-term development to confront firmly the essence of the problem firmly from the failure, to humbly and flexibly adapt to the needs of the trend and the market, and to re-challenge .

We would like to work, have a challenging task, and grow with our colleagues who share the same values and feelings.

And I would like to bring a truly excellent authentic Japanese food culture to Taiwanese food service market.
To expand the market and create profits in Taiwan. And we will energize our food service industry in Taiwan, and we will enrich our team's lives!

Business Overview

Our Brands

Since land of Taiwan and space in the city is limited, commercial areas are concentrated in several specific areas. It may not be suitable for a company who wishes to expand many chain stores.
However, our "multi-brand multi-location strategy" can take advantage of the characteristic of the location.
As different types of brands are concentrated in one area, the synergistic effect of each brand can be expected.
Currently, we are developing a Japanese cafe "MOMIJI CHAYA" that provides Japanese traditional set meals and desserts in Taipei.
We provide not only the desserts but also a wide variety of set meals, and present Japanese conventional styles with using small items and with the way of showing, which can please Taiwanese people who like Japanese culture.
We will continue to develop restaurants according to the locations and consider an opening of a new brand.

Company Overview

Company Name Create Restaurants Taiwan Co., Ltd.
Representative Shwan Kuo
Head Office Rm332, 12F-1., No.51, Hengyang Rd., Taipei City 10045 Taiwan
Year of Establishment 2014
Capital Stock 60 million TWD
Board Members CEO: Jun Kawai
Director: Shawn Kuo
Director: Daisuke Yagi
Shareholder creat restaurants holdings inc. 100%
Fiscal Year February
Number of Outlets 1(February 2020)
History October 2014: Establishment of "create restaurants Taiwan Ltd"
December 2018: Opened "MOMIJI CHAYA"
Contact 886-2-2375-2168

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