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Create Restaurants NY Inc.

Message from the Leadership

Create Restaurants NY Inc.


Kiyoshi Kawaguchi

New York City is a captivating, magical city that is rich in diversity. Here, diverse people with diverse philosophies are each working to achieve their own goals in their own way. This means that life often doesn’t feel ordinary in New York City, instead it has an intense atmosphere that feels much like a giant stage.

Naturally, the competition is fierce, and the city can feel demanding for businesspeople. There is no time to worry about the person next door. Nevertheless, this is also a city that allows you to take on every challenge that you desire. Thus, the significance of doing business here is clear. No other city is better suited to “exploring the possibilities.”

As a restaurant company, we believe that New York City is a place where we must do business as part of our journey to becoming a “true professional group.” It is also important for us to continue to keep our group companies updated on food and service trends in New York City.

Challenging the brightly lit stage that is New York City will help all members of Create Restaurants NY to grow. I believe that by passing our goals on to the next generation, we will continue to fulfill our dreams.

Business Overview

  • 炙り屋錦之助
  • 蕎麦鳥人
Our Brands

Aburiya Kinnosuke, located west of UN Headquarters in Manhattan’s Midtown East 45th St., is a robata yaki restaurant. Soba Totto, located in the 43th St. at the same area, is a soba and skewers restaurant. You can enjoy a variety of sake as well. They serve set meals at lunchtime and are patronized by many people who work in the nearby office buildings.

Their cuisine utilizes fresh ingredients and great time and care is put into its preparation before it is served. The sake list is quite extensive with many different varieties, so please try various combinations of sake with your preferred dishes. You are sure to find a special combination that is just right for you.

Company Overview

Company Name Create Restaurants NY Inc.
Representative Kiyoshi Kawaguchi
Head Office 729 Seventh Avenue 17th Floor New York, NY 10019
Year of Establishment 2016
Capital Stock 3,000,000US$
Board Members CEO: Jun Kawai
Director: Kiyoshi Kawaguchi
Director: Daisuke Yagi
Shareholder creat restaurants holdings inc. 100%
Fiscal Year February
Number of Outlets 3(February 2020)
History March 2016: Establishment of "Create Restaurants NY Inc."
July 2017: Opens its 1st NY outlet "NAOKI TAKAHASHI"

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Q.Future Goal
To eat my way around the world
Q.Favorite Food
Q.Favorite Quote
Everybody to count for one, nobody for more than one. (John Stuart Mill)