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Create Restaurants NY Inc.

Message from the Leadership

Create Restaurants NY Inc.


Naoki Takahashi

After North American outlet opening project started based on New York, until the opening of the first outlet, about two years have passed to prepare. In this period I have seen what kind of people live in different areas by walking north to south and west to east of Manhattan, now I have learned a lot by feeling this area atmosphere with my skin (sometimes I also did sightseeing...).

What I felt is that various people from all over the world are aiming for New York with their purpose.

In order to become a "true professional group" as a food and drink company, we are working on with thinking that we must go through North America (especially New York) . Also, I think that it is important to always send trend information on food and services in New York to each of our group companies.

The challenge in the shining and brilliant stage of New York at the center where food trends gather means that all members of Create Restaurants NY will grow. And I believe that by continuing our goals to the next generation, we will definitely fulfill our dreams.

In New York where a lot of people gather from the world, which means that there are different races and cultures, I think that there are many things to be confused. I value the encounter with daily customers and I would like to spread our fans all over the world.

Business Overview

Our Brands

The first outlet in New York offers cuisine with a little arrangement based on "traditional Japanese," using "taste" and "material" that is easy for foreigners to accept.
Course dishes are mainly offered, and you can enjoy "cooking" and "vessel" changing for every season with "eyes" with "tongue" at semi high end restaurant.
Located in the Chelsea area, which is also a tourist destination near Google's New York headquarters, the restaurant is a hideaway atmosphere.
There is also a box garden which imaged Japanese Zen inside the restaurant where you entered one alley.

In the future, we plan to open the long-established soba restaurant, "Sarashina Horii," in New York, and we are also considering the concept of newly developing it nationwide inthe United States.

Company Overview

Company Name Create Restaurants NY Inc.
Representative Naoki Takahashi
Head Office 729 Seventh Avenue 17th Floor New York, NY 10019
Year of Establishment 2016
Capital Stock 3,000,000US$
Board Members CEO: Jun Kawai
Director: Kiyoshi Kawaguchi
Director: Naoki Takahashi
Shareholder creat restaurants holdings inc. 100%
Fiscal Year February
Number of Outlets 3(February 2020)
History March 2016: Establishment of "Create Restaurants NY Inc."
July 2017: Opens its 1st NY outlet "NAOKI TAKAHASHI"

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