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Privacy policy

All companies under the create restaurants group, ("our group"), recognize that it is our responsibility to manage properly and protect the customer’s name, address, email address and other information that can be used for identification ("personal information").
The following is the description of the privacy policy of our group.

1. Regarding the abidance of legislation protecting personal information

Our group complies strictly with the laws and relevant regulations governing the protection of personal information, and pledges to manage personal information in a proper and legal manner.

2. Utilization purposes of personal information

Our group may, for business purposes, require the customer to provide personal information to us. Personal information obtained under such circumstances will only be used within the scope of activities listed. In the case that our group may need to share the customer’s personal information with another related company for business purposes, our group will first sign an agreement of confidentiality with the third party company in question, or ensure adequate monitoring of the information.

  • a) For reservations, purchases, and patronage of our shops.
  • b) For mail postage, shipping (parcel delivery), or email notification of releases of new shops, events, new products and services.
  • c) For handling enquiries, opinions and requests with regard to shop operations.
  • d) For the analysis of products and services and website usage and other statistical purposes, to aid in the improvement of our services or in the development of new products and services.
  • e) For the preparation of basic documents for use in employment related activities.

3. Regarding personal information obtained by each individual store

Our group operates multiple types of businesses through numerous shops, and personal information obtained by any one shop under our group will be considered personal information under our group and will be used for business purposes and within the scope of activities listed. (We may send introductions of the shops that are operated by our group)

4. Sharing of personal information with a third party

Our group will not provide personal information to any third party without first obtaining the consent of the individuals concerned, except under the circumstances stated.

  • a) When requested by the law to disclose and provide such information.
  • b) To satisfy legal requests by a government body or local public authorities, whereby obtaining the customer’s consent may result in the obstruction of the legal purpose.
  • c) In case of protection of human life, human body, or personal possessions, and the customer’s consent is difficult to obtain.

5. About the monitoring of personal information

To protect the personal information under our possession as strictly as possible, our group has adopted the "Privacy Mark" system and continually seeks to improve our efforts. All the employees under our group undergo appropriate training for the proper handling of personal information.

6. About the public display, editing, termination of usage and deletion of personal information

Our group recognizes that the customer reserves the right to disclose, edit, terminate usage, and request for a deletion of its personal information. Upon the request of the customer, our group will proceed with the request within our means, after confirmation of the customer’s identity.

7. Regarding the change of utilization purposes of personal information

Our group may, within the scope of activities and related purposes stated in this policy, make changes to the purpose of usage and the privacy policy at any time. The revised edition will then be posted in this website as soon as possible.

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